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At Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County Inc., we’re committed to being good stewards of all that has been handed down to us: our history, our people, our culture, as well as our physical resources. This commitment is reflected in every activity we promote, every exhibit we display, and every handshake we offer. We are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to preserve the past for the future. We are fulfilling this purpose by preserving historic buildings from throughout Clayton Country at our site named Margaret Mitchell Memorial Park. An original 1839 cookhouse, the Old Bethel School, a tenant house, well house and Juddy’s Country Store complete the historic community assembled here. The re-created Creek Indian Village behind the school is a reminder of those who were here before the Europeans came.


History of Stately Oaks

Stately Oaks is an 1839 antebellum house listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its plain Greek Revival architecture is representative of the era in which it was built. It was originally constructed in 1839 by Mr. Whitmill Allen who sold his home to Robert McCord in 1858 and then moved to Tyler, Texas. It is located in Jonesboro, GA., the very city where Scarlett had to pay the taxes on Tara. Even though Tara only existed in Margaret Mitchell’s imagination, she placed Tara in Clayton County where she had visited relatives who lived on a large plantation south of Jonesboro. Many of the stories she heard as a child are in the movie. Clayton County is truly home of Gone With the Wind.

Just as Scarlett fought to survive the Civil War so did Rebecca McCord who resided at Stately Oaks when the Union Army converged on Jonesboro in August 1864.

Come and rock a while on the front porch! Stop by Juddy’s Country Store for a bottled Coke and moon pie . . . bring back the memories of a simpler time. Arrive as visitors and depart as friends!!

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