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Make History Come Alive!

Our unique educational tours offer students a memorable hands-on living history field trip. Educators can choose from our 1860s Home Front or Native American tour. Both of these school programs meet curriculum based requirements in Georgia Studies and American History. 

School tours run Monday-Friday. Minimum of 40 students. 

Tours last 2-2.5 hours.


For more information and reservations, please call: 
(770) 473-0197 or email:

1860s Home Front Tour

Imagine yourself in 1864 when the menfolk were absent from home, fighting in the Civil War. The women and children remained on the home front, fighting battles of their own.

This tour consists of first hand accounts of the heroic people left behind at Stately Oaks. Students have opportunity to pitch in with daily chores, play period games and tour the historic home

Tour lasts 2-2 ­­­½ hours.

Indian Village 2.jpg

 Native American Tour

The Creek Indians ( Muskogee) lived on Clayton County lands long before the European colonists arrived.

During this tour your students will be led through the recreated Native American Village at Stately Oaks. The students will learn about the lifestyle of the Creek Indians through games, crafts, food, artifacts and storytelling.
Tour lasts 2-2 ­­­½ hours.

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